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We are Mobellissimo, and we are specialised in mobile solutions!

We build websites and Apps for mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets.

Mobile is the future, and we are ready for it! How can we help your business become more mobile?

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Mobellissimo is all about mobile! See below what exactly we can do for you.

Mobile (responsive) websites

Mobile Websites

You know that a growing percentage of your website's visitors uses a smartphone or tablet to visit your website, right? And is your website ready for mobile?

A lot of websites that look great on a desktop, simply don't work properly on mobile devices. The mobile web requires a different approach.

Mobellissimo can help you to make your website mobile friendly. Either by creating a dedicated mobile version, or by making your entire website cross platform compatible.

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps are a in the middle of Mobile websites and Native Apps. They look and feel like a real App, but they are served through a webbrowser.

This means you have some advantages: your App doesn't have to be approved by App store guidelines and you are able to manage your App realtime. Also your App can be easily shared by users and it's easier to manage your cross platform compatibility.

Off course there are also some limitation. Talk with us, to find out if a Mobile Web App is something for you!

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Did you know we also do regular webdesign? We build Campaign websites, Corporate websites and HTML5 Apps.

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Our work

Have a look at some of our mobile projects and contact us if you want to know what we can do to help you become more mobile!

Maison en France

'Maison en France' is a Dutch magazine for people interested in owning a second house in France. To increase sales and provide a better user experience, the publisher wanted to have a dedicated iPad Application where subscribers of the magazine could download and read the magazine.

Mobellissimo was responsible for the technical development of the application and the underlying back-end that serves the available magazine editions to the iPad App.

Daub Sales Guide

For Daub, a dutch bakery machines manufacturer, we've created a digital Sales Guide for the iPad, to be used by their sales force.

The application is built as a Web App, but looks and feels like a real iPad Application. This way the Sales Guide can be updated at any time, without needing to resubmit to the Apple Store.

Because the sales force is often on the road, the application has an offline mode, allowing the mobile website to be used even without an internet connection.


BlossomBooks is a Dutch publisher of books for teenage girls. They have recently launched an iPad application for distributing digital versions of their books.

The application features a Kiosk that gives a realtime overview of available books for sale and a custom-made Reader.

Mobellissimo has built the technical front-end of the application, as well as the basic back-end that manages the downloading of books.


DystonieNet is the association for people that suffer from the muscle disease "Dystonie". The disease can be treated by administering specific Botox-injections to patients.

Commissioned by the University of Groningen (NL), we have built an application with basic information and instructions, to help specialized doctors to treat their patients. The application is part of a larger information suite and is intended as a quick reference.

The application is available for iPhone and iPad. An Android version is expected soon.


Cloozup is a new social network based around top-athletes. Dutch soccer player Ruud Gullit is one of their main ambassadors.

Mobellissimo has built the mobile front-end for the existing Cloozup-website, using modern Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5 techniques.

The mobile front-end is made to be as cross platform as possible.

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